We turn risks into opportunities

We believe that assessing, knowing, and managing risk can generate great opportunities.

We are a strategic consultancy firm that specialises in risk management and international transactions.

We create tailor-made solutions to meet the concrete needs of companies and institutions.

Strategic Consulting

We help companies anticipate and understand market dynamics and turn them into opportunities.
  • Market studies, business plans, and research of capital for development and exports
  • International development
  • Consultancy on mergers, acquisitions, and private equity

Risk Assessment

We analyse companies’ exposures and risks with the aid of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence tools.
  • Assessment and protection of corporate assets and potential liabilities (property and liability)
  • Environmental due diligence and risk assessment
  • Analysis, prevention, and monitoring of cyber risks


We organise risk transfers and create advanced and innovative Global Insurance Programmes.
  • Retention, self-insurance, and contractual transfer
  • Alignment of cover and contracts to market standards (guarantees provided, technical-administrative structure, costs)
  • Insurance brokerage


Strategic Consulting

We have created business plans for the sale of non-strategic assets on behalf of pan-European real estate funds by arranging significant VAT credit factoring.

International Footprint

We have carried out high-level strategic market studies to facilitate the entry of important multinational clients into KSA, organising workshops in Riyadh with more than 50 major companies and signing memoranda of understanding with the Saudi Investment Authority.

Risk Assessment

We have performed due diligence for clients from different sectors by measuring potential impacts, performing investigations, and providing recommendations in order to reduce, prevent and transfer risks.

Corporate Insurance Brokerage

We carried out insurance assessments for multinationals in Italy, analysing risk exposure, compliance and insurance contracts, achieving significant improvements in coverage, guarantees and cost savings.